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Nvidia Driver Update

Nvidia driver update & GPU

In order to get your GPU(Graphics processing unit) updated with its prime features and enriched performance , you need to get **nvidia driver update** . Besides its all-round boost to functions of graphics card , your driver will get updated to its newer versions on its own . Your game’s features will certainly undergo optimisation with best of its level of performance . All its fostered user expeience are credited to GPU coordinated with **nvidia driver update** . update without a hitch .

Mechanism of Nvidia update functioning

After **nvidia driver update** . is installed :-

  1. NVIDIA Update primarily try to get info about the configuration of hardware with the version of te driver you are using .

  2. This is done in order to decide proper driver for your NVIDIA GPUs .

  3. Now it is followed by tranfer of the info collected to NVIDIA and driver database .

  4. Further , you need to configure following :-

  5. No. of times you want updtes to be checked

  6. Approval for beta driver notifications

  7. Approval for system tray balloon notifications

Ways to Configure NVIDIA Update

You are given 2 options so as to accomplish NVIDIA Update :-

  1. Via the NVIDIA Control Panel

  2. Via the new NVIDIA logo in the windows system tray

(A) Via the NVIDIA Control Panel

  1. You need to Right-click on the windows desktop

  2. Opt NVIDIA Control Panel

  3. Go Help menu and select Updates

  4. Then Configure NVIDIA Update - Windows System Tray

Nvidia Driver Update

(B)Via the new NVIDIA logo in the windows system tray

  1. The logo need a Right-click

  2. Opt Check for updates or Update preferences

  3. Update NVIDIA Control Panel - Preferences Tab

Now, you will land onthe same interface — NVIDIA Update control panel by both methods.

  1. On the preferences tab

  1. You need to Enable and disable **nvidia driver update** .

  2. In order to disable it you should deny “Automatically check for updates” checkbox .

  3. Select the frequency for which you want update to be checked.

  4. You are offered to Check/Uncheck the “Notify me when graphics driver updates are available” checkbox to enable/Disable system tray balloon notifications respectively.

  5. Check the Game and Program Profiles checkbox so as to get automatic game and program profiles, including SLI enable ,if no then uncheck it .

2. On the Updates tab Click the Check for Updates button to get latest update info.

Nvidia Driver Update

Get Driver updates

Cick on the system tray pop-up balloon when a notification appears


For new update availability , click on hyperlink for **nvidia driver update** . . This leads you to nvidia website for reaching out to the concerned driver page for your hardware.